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About Our Practice

Hickman & Smith Architects is an accredited RIBA chartered practice with a passion for creating beautiful spaces. We work on the premise that good design requires the careful consideration of context, selection of materials and maximum use of natural light to create harmonious living and working spaces.  We also know that these spaces only come to life when people can enjoy them, which is why we are committed to delivering projects which respond to the wishes of our clients, look great and work well.

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“A picture tells a thousand words, and seeing our project come to life in the virtual reality suite knocks the spots off a thousand pictures.”

“It is clear to see exactly how Hickman & Smith Architects are converting our vision into reality.”

Parton Mill

“Both the service level and the creativity of design were the two outstanding features of the project. Also the way in which Adam worked with the Planning Department in order to get the project through. Various negotiations took place resulting in a design that both the council and ourselves are happy with.”

“We are delighted with the plans. The build is on an angled plot so there were lots of factors to take into consideration to maximise the space inside whilst ensuring the exterior was aesthetically pleasing and tied in with the rest of the house and the rest of the street.”

Stockwell Road

“The approachability of Adam, David and their colleagues was very helpful for us. It was useful to have their take on our ideas – validating them, or where they felt necessary, challenging them. This was done in a constructive way.”

Powys Gardens

“David and Adam provided a very professional service throughout our project. They were innovative in their approach and suggested a range of design and layout options that my wife and I had not even realised would be possible. They listened to our wishes and came up with helpful suggestions, guiding us through the design process to come up with final plans that met our requirements. When it came to the planning application, Hickman & Smith carried out preliminary work to build a case for our application, before going to meet with the planning authority in person to bring our plans to life and get an early view of any likely challenges. This led to a smooth application process. They assisted through the project, ensuring the correct materials were used and suggested modifications to address on-site challenges. Overall, the service was outstanding and we were delighted with the results”.

Orchard Avenue


RIBA Architecture Ambassadors @ Rushey Mead Academy

Members of the Hickman & Smith team have been involved in the RIBA’s National Schools Programme as Architecture Ambassadors. The programme aims at engaging young people in architecture and empowering them to have an opinion about the built environment and make their voice heard.

RIBA Architecture Ambassadors @ Rushey Mead Academy