Powys Gardens

This project provided a new family home by reconfiguring a traditional bungalow with outdated interiors into a large, light, and modern family home. 

Significant extensions, including an additional level were added to the original property to provide comfortable living and bedroom accommodation for all the family.  The ground floor was reconfigured with a new family room, playroom and snug whilst improved circulation and stronger links from the living spaces to the garden, allowed for greater functionality and a connected family environment. The new extension is a modern and elegant design that minimises the impact on the neighbours whilst providing a stylish addition to the house as requested by our client.

Location: Oadby, Leicester

Client: Private Client

Status: RIBA Stage 05

Our client says...

The approachability of Adam, David, and their colleagues was very helpful for us. It was useful to have their take on our ideas-validating them or where they felt necessary challenging them. This was done in a constructive way.

Powys Gardens