The Fairway

The brief for the project was to extend the existing property to increase the owner’s enjoyment of their living space by providing a pleasing vista onto the garden and maximising natural daylight within the kitchen-dining room. Our clients also wanted the addition of an en-suite bedroom within the existing roof space, and in so doing, minimise internal alterations. The rear extension is a glazed box, nestled into the solid brick walls of the existing building and extending out into the garden. A large roof lantern provides additional height and reinforces the feeling of space within the room. The glazing has slim line frames, with minimal visible supporting structure, and is formed in a powder coated aluminium finish of a dark grey to match the existing window frames. The original character of the property is retained at the front of the property, where three discrete rooflights are the only external addition to accommodate the second-floor bedroom.

Location: Oadby, Leicester

Client: Private

Status: RIBA Stage 04