Horsefair Street, Leicester

This project, situated in the heart of Leicester City Centre, is a fantastic example of Urban Acupuncture – using small-scale interventions which relieve pressure in key areas to transform the larger urban context. The building is located between two areas of great significance within the city: Leicester Market and the Town Hall Square. The direct route between the two was cramped and deprived of natural light; factors which are widely believed to encourage anti-social behaviours.

The proposals introduced a new pedestrian link between two historic areas of Leicester City Centre in a more open and inviting way, while at the same time removing a 1970’s infill building that is incongruous with the character of the conservation area. The new cloaking wall hides the unsightly supporting structure to the existing retained facades of the neighbouring buildings and was designed to follow the rhythm and proportions of the listed façade using a material palette that is sympathetic to the area’s heritage. The recesses in the new façade have been designed to allow for murals which provide additional interest whilst telling the story of the Market and enticing passers-by to the area.

Location: Leicester

Client: Leicester City Council

Status: Completed 2019